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I am a population ecologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and I study wild animals. I teach courses, mostly for the Fisheries and Wildlife major, that are designed to improve students' ability to make decisions for conservation. I enjoy creating and using new hands-on teaching methods in the classroom. I am a member of the Applied Ecology Faculty in the School of Natural Resources.

A mechanistic approach to wildlife ecology at the landscape scale


I rarely work in isolation. 


Click below to find some of my faculty colleagues with whom I have collaborated over recent years.  You can also find pages to view current and past postdoctoral, graduate student, and undergraduate student members of my research teams.


​Book: You can order my new wildlife management textbook here!  Principles for Management of Fisheries and Wildlife
The Manager as Decision-maker

Book: You can pre-order Great Plains Birds here!

Watch highlights from our UNL 2019 Namibia study trip here!  

In 2018, I completed a 6-month leave in the UK at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Check out the summary of our labs' recent paper: Whalen et al. 2019 in Ethology. We explore effects of wind turbine noise on the male chorus of greater-prairie chickens. We also ask, "What is the function of the male chorus? Is it really to attract females to the lek?"


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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