Wildlife Management Techniques: NRES 433/833


Taught every fall.  Lecture (3 cr).  An ACE 10 (capstone) course for the Fisheries and Wildlife major.


Survey of methods used to obtain data and make decisions for wildlife management. Scientific methods for wildlife science; monitoring and surveys; construction of management plans; habitat use, classification, and management; harvest management.


Recent syllabus: click here for syllabus  | here for class schedule



Wildlife Field Techniques:
NRES 233


Taught every fall.  Lab (1 cr).  Currently, the course is offered during Fall Break at Cedar Point Biological Station.


Field and laboratory skills needed for wildlife management emphasizing wildlife and vegetation surveys, mark-recapture of wildlife, radio-telemetry, aging and forensic methods, and habitat assessment.


Recent syllabus: click here for syllabus  here for schedule of activities

Wildlife Ecology and Management: NRES 311


Taught every spring.  Lecture (3 cr).  A required course for the Fisheries and Wildlife major, as well as a course required or selected by several other majors.


Advanced wildlife ecology, conservation biology, population biology, and enhancement of wildlife populations through management. Emphasis on both game and nongame species.


Recent syllabus:  click here for syllabus  here for class schedule

Vertebrate Population Analysis: NRES 880


Taught during spring semesters of even years.  Lecture/Lab (3 cr).


Introduction to the estimation of demographic parameters from surveys and mark-recapture data. Emphasizes analytical skills used to estimate population vital rates, such as abundance, density, population size, survival rates, home range size, and movement rates. Reinforces use of multiple hypotheses in scientific investigations, as well as model selection processes.


Recent syllabus: click here

Wildlife Conservation in Namibia: NRES 492


Taught every odd summer (May).  Field course (3 cr).  An ecological study tour of several regions in Namibia.  Applications accepted during previous fall semester.  Link to course page

Wildlife Population Analyses: a short course


Taught as guest professor in May/June 2014 for the Conservation Biology program at King Mongkut University in Bangkok, Thailand.


Course syllabus          |       Lab files for students


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